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With 3 Olympic beach volleyball gold medals there are few names as legendary as Misty May-Treanor.




Los Angeles


30 July 1977
Misty May-Treanor

When it comes to women’s beach volleyball, there are few names as legendary as Misty May-Treanor. With three Olympic gold medals, a record-breaking career, and an unmistakable presence on the court, Misty has left an indelible mark on the sport of beach volleyball. Her incredible journey to the top of the game is filled with unforgettable moments, personal challenges, and a relentless pursuit of greatness.

Early Life and Introduction to Volleyball

Misty May-Treanor was born on July 30, 1977, in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a family of athletes – her father was a successful basketball player, while her mother played tennis at the collegiate level. It was no surprise that Misty showed an early aptitude for sports. At the age of eight, she started playing indoor volleyball and quickly fell in love with the game.

Family Background and Athletic Roots

Misty’s parents played a huge role in shaping her athletic ambitions. Her father, Bob May, was a member of the UCLA Bruins basketball team that won the NCAA championship in 1969. He later played professionally in Europe and was inducted into the California Community College Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, her mother, Barbara May, was a standout tennis player at Cal State Los Angeles.

With such an athletic pedigree, it was no surprise that Misty gravitated towards sports at a young age. Her parents encouraged her to try a variety of sports, from basketball to tennis, but it was volleyball that captured her heart.

Discovering a Passion for Volleyball

Misty’s first exposure to beach volleyball came when she was a teenager. She and her friends used to play at the beach, and Misty quickly realized that she had a natural talent for the game. She began competing in local tournaments and quickly established herself as one of the top young players in Southern California.

Despite her success on the beach, Misty continued to play indoor volleyball throughout high school. She was a standout player at Newport Harbor High School, where she helped lead the team to three consecutive state championships.

College Years and the Start of a Promising Career

After graduating from high school, Misty enrolled at Long Beach State University. She played indoor volleyball for the 49ers and was named an All-American three times helped lead the team to two NCAA championships.

Despite her success in indoor volleyball, Misty’s true passion was beach volleyball and she continued to compete in tournaments throughout her college career.

First Steps into Professional Volleyball

After graduating from college, Misty turned professional and began competing on the AVP tour. She quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with, winning multiple tournaments and earning a reputation as one of the most formidable players on the circuit.

Forming a Dynamic Duo with Kerri Walsh Jennings

While Misty had already established herself as a top beach volleyball player, it was her partnership with Kerri Walsh Jennings that would take her career to the next level. Together, they formed one of the most successful and iconic duos in the history of the sport.

Misty and Kerri first paired up in 2001, and their partnership was an immediate success. They won their first tournament together and quickly established themselves as a dominant force on the AVP tour.

Olympic Success and World Records

Misty and Kerri’s success on the AVP tour translated into even greater achievements on the international stage, where they became synonymous with Olympic dominance and world records.

Athens 2004: The First Gold Medal

Misty and Kerri made their Olympic debut at the Athens games in 2004. They entered the tournament as the top-seeded team and lived up to their billing, winning all eight of their matches en route to the gold medal.

Beijing 2008: Defending the Title

At the Beijing games in 2008, Misty and Kerri faced increased competition but still managed to defend their title. They went undefeated in the tournament and became the first beach volleyball team in history to win back-to-back Olympic gold medals.

London 2012: A Golden Farewell

Misty and Kerri’s final Olympic appearance came at the 2012 games in London. They faced stiff competition from younger teams, but still managed to win the gold medal, defeating the team from China in a thrilling final match.

Overcoming Injuries and Personal Challenges

Despite her many achievements on the court, Misty’s career was not without its challenges. She faced numerous injuries and personal setbacks, but always found a way to persevere.

The Impact of Injuries on Misty’s Career

Throughout her career, Misty battled injuries that threatened to derail her success. She suffered multiple knee injuries and underwent surgery several times. But through it all, she remained determined and committed to her sport.

Balancing Personal Life and Professional Ambitions

Off the court, Misty faced personal challenges as well. She married professional baseball player Matt Treanor in 2004 and struggled to balance the demands of her sport with her desire to start a family. But even as she faced these challenges, Misty remained a fierce competitor and dedicated athlete.

Misty has also made a name for herself as a coach and mentor. She has worked with young volleyball players across the country, helping to inspire the next generation of athletes.

Misty May-Treanor’s career in beach volleyball is one for the ages. From humble beginnings in Southern California to Olympic gold medalist and world record holder, she has left an indelible mark on the sport she loves. And while her playing days may be over, her legacy will live on for generations to come.

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